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The "MustangAero" Yahoo Group of Mustang builders, owners, and other interested people is one of the most useful resources for information and help.  This group gives access to over 1,400 other Mustang builders, owners, and enthusiasts.  Experienced builders, new builders, and Mustang owners from all over the world make a living knowledge database that is priceless for getting help on anything related to Mustangs.   The list is hosted on Yahoo Groups at

Click here to join mustangaero
Click to join mustangaero

The list can be viewed from the website, by email, or both.  The list is quite active so instead of getting individual emails many people will opt to get a single compiled email for each day or view the list strictly on the website.  Any questions that you may have regarding Mustangs can be sent to where it will be posted on the group site.  Some members have expressed concern about off topic subjects and negative posts (ie: flaming).  Please read the group guidelines before posting.  Keep in mind that many of the most experienced builders and owners are on the list but do not always actively participate in discussions.  Typically all specific construction questions are answered quickly and accurately.  When in doubt about a response on the list do not hesitate to call the factory.  We do not control or actively monitor the list.

There is also a Midget Mustang group at

One of the best parts about homebuilding is the people.  It is our opinion that you will never find a nicer, more talented, more diverse, or more giving group than homebuilders.  The online builders list helps to keep everyone in contact throughout the year.  Here is an email sent to us by Kirk Harrell of Danville, IL regarding the mail list and other builders.

Running a kit aircraft manufacturing company is not the way to become rich financially.  What is so rewarding about it is the people we get to meet and become friends with.  The best thing about going to Oshkosh every year is that everyone gets together from all over the country.  The mail list is the next best thing.


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