Midget Mustang

Also known as the Long Midget, the Midget Mustang is perhaps the most admired and enduring homebuilt design ever. Even though it was designed over 50 years ago it is still much in demand because of its good looks, good handling characteristics, and fighter like performance.

Designed by Piper chief engineer David Long as a Goodyear Midget Racer it was intended to go into production as a post WWII sport plane. The market never developed but because of the plane's good looks and great flying qualities it has been very popular with homebuilders. There have been 4 Midget Mustang Oshkosh EAA Grand Champions.

The Midget Mustang's 9-G ultimate structural strength and low power loading give a true high performance fully aerobatic sport plane that can also be used for cross country flying. With a 100hp Continental it will have a top speed close to 200mph and can cruise over 175mph burning only 6gal/hr. The cabin size will accommodate persons over 6ft tall. The new M-IA bubble canopy creates room for pilots as tall as 6'4". A baggage compartment behind the seat will hold up to 30lbs.

Maximum engine size is 160hp but at such a low power loading we suggest this engine for experienced high performance taildragger pilots only. The O-200 Continental is the most popular power plant and it is more than enough for spectacular performance.






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