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Information Package

Contains pictures, articles, newsletters, race results, the CAFE performance report, and of course all the specs, pricing, history, and other information on the Midget Mustang and Mustang II.  

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Aircraft of Primary Interest

Mustang Video

History, design, construction, and kit coverage including interviews with builders and of course air to air footage.

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Mustang Builders Reference DVDs

Almost 8GB of pictures, notes, videos, newsletters, and publications. There are thousands of pictures showing finished aircraft, construction, and system installations.

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  Bundled Mustang Info Package

Includes the 3 items listed above at a discount.
Printed information package, Promotional Video DVD, and Builders Reference DVD.

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DVD Version

"Speed With Economy"

By Kent Paser.
Written by an engineer, a detailed account of what Mr Paser did to his 160hp Mustang II to make it go over 240mph.

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